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Dear Cozyberry Customers, A pleasure.

​Cozyberry is a lighting products company.

Starting in a small office, our lighting product business has continued to grow and has achieved success in the top 10 in the Amazon category.

In 2022, the company successfully launched a new candle warmer, taking the first step toward diversity.

Entering the lighting product market in earnest, has paved the way for a steady enterprise.

In the future, we plan to develop competitive product development and marketing strategies so that people around the world can enjoy life safely through more diverse products.

We continue to invest in R & D and are focusing more on developing new products. Recently, we have started to move logistics through 'Amazon Global Logistics' for a fast logistics system.

Cozyberry will continue to invest in building an offline sales system for customers who want to see and experience the product themselves.

Under the vision of "My Cozy Space," Cozyberry will expand its business scope around the world with safe and beautifully designed products that bring stability to its mind.

Watch the growth of Cozy Berry, a company that delivers greater value to consumers through coziness. Thank you.


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Create a Safety of Coziness Cozyberry

From Michael Kittredge family's South Hadley home to every home that raises the value of rest and life.
Candles are with you both in the past and in the present. Now, Cozyberry wants to contribute to the comfort of candle culture through continuous product development.
*Cozyberry means to be the fruit of everyone so that anyone can enjoy the sweet coziness.